How can you get more online window shoppers of your products to add them to the cart? Testing is the answer, and it’s critical to optimizing your website to generate more revenue. Sometimes a simple A/B test can yield substantial results, so it’s worth the time and investment. One object on your product page that you should always test is the Add-To-Cart button.

The infographic below, created by Volusion, contains the results of a study of the top 50 Ecommerce sites to analyze their Add-To-Cart buttons. From the infographic, you’ll learn the most popular color, shape, size, wording, and design details. Below the infographic, check out some additional optimization resources that the Digital-to-Dollars Optimization Blog has provided.

Infographic 10 17 2013222 Infographic: Constructing a Higher Converting Add to Cart Button
Courtesy of: Volusion


Additional Optimization Resources courtesy of @OpWhiz: