Is your LinkedIn account optimized to help you attract recruiters, sales prospects, or new business connections? LinkedIn continues to grow as a valuable business tool, so it’s critical that your profile is updated with the right text and information to help you advance in your career.

Why optimize your LinkedIn profile? Here are some Digital-to-Dollars Optimization Blog benefits from @OpWhiz of an enhanced profile:

  • Create a positive first impression — you only get one chance!
  • Get found more frequently in search results by the right people
  • Establish credibility in the mind of the reader about your skills and experience
  • Supplement your short resume with detailed information
  • Build your personal brand online
  • Improve your business relationships by sharing helpful information

Whether you’re a CEO, manager, employee, or student, the 17 tips in the following infographic can give you an advantage over your competition. See the Additional Resources under the infographic for more assistance with your profile and using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn infographic with 17 must-haves
Infographic credit: MarketMeSuite

Additional Resources for your LinkedIn Profile:

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