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About Us

You’ll benefit from CEO Randy Everett’s experience and lessons learned in a top 20 marketing agency, top 20 newspaper’s internet division, and an NFL franchise.

Randy Everett

Our History

Randy Everett is the Founder and CEO of Everett Digital Solutions. Although he earned an undergrad degree in Marketing at Illinois State, his passion has always equally been split between the technology and marketing fields. In 2013, Everett Digital Solutions was founded, but only after learning valuable lessons to help clients from these experiences:

  • Education (Undergraduate): Illinois State University with Marketing degree.
  • Education (Graduate): Colorado Technical University with Master of Science in Management degree.
  • Experience—DMarketingU (CEO/Instructor): Founded Digital Marketing University in 2019 to help clients learn new skills.
  • Experience—Anderson Direct Marketing (Interactive Strategist): Your projects will benefit from lessons learned about managing omnichannel marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies that achieved objectives, met deadlines, stayed under budget.
  • Experience—San Diego Union-Tribune (Online IT Manager): You’ll benefit from the experience gained wearing many hats as a web developer, project manager, graphic designer, systems administrator, and collaborating with multiple departments for online marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Experience—San Diego Chargers (IT Coordinator): You’ll benefit from the experience gained by developing the Chargers.com website as a marketing, sales, and PR tool to reach a worldwide audience.
EDS vision

Our Vision

I believe in empowering digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to achieve exceptional results by developing a professional strategic plan and optimizing their digital marketing channels to generate more leads, sales, and conversions—ultimately, meeting and exceeding their marketing goals!


  • Help clients build a digital foundation with a brand identity, optimized website, social media presence, engaging blog, and email marketing strategy.
  • Advise clients how to grow their business with strategies for lead generation, list building, conversion optimization, and long-term relationship building.
  • Assist clients to manage their digital marketing channels with a professional strategic marketing plan with goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics.
  • Encourage and train clients about storytelling to build engaging content for their social networks, blog, website, email marketing, and other marketing channels.
  • Collaborate with clients to build omnichannel marketing campaigns to reach their target audiences using multiple digital touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey with the brand.
  • Provide a one-stop shop for my clients to receive expert advice and skills for their marketing and technical projects.
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