Thank You for Helping Launch Everett Digital Solutions


After decades of lessons learned through work experience, life experience, and education, Everett Digital Solutions has launched! My dream of owning my own business to help others is now reality.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, following in the footsteps of my mother who taught for 30+ years, and now I’m excited that I can teach my clients how to make more money from their digital marketing channels. I was born to teach! Can you tell in my baby photo?

I’d like to start with special thanks to my inspirational, loving, and supportive parents, Jackie and Neil. I’ve been learning from these two exceptional role models since my dirty diaper days. In fact, with one eye closed in that baby photo, I was probably making a “learning experience” in my diaper to teach someone how to change me!

Thank you to my Mom for giving me your heart, spirit, and patience to help others to learn new skills. I still remember visiting your classroom and seeing you work one-on-one with your students to overcome their learning disabilities and challenges in life. The traits that you passed on to me will benefit me as I work one-on-one with my clients to show them how to overcome challenges with their online business tools.

Thank you to my Dad for giving me your customer-first attitude, positive thinking, and business ethics. You’ve shared numerous valuable business stories, lessons learned, personal beliefs, and examples of how you benefited from your honesty in business. All these stories were absorbed, practiced, and are now part of me and my core beliefs. I do truly believe that “success comes in cans, not cannots”, “excuses only satisfy those who make them”, and that “the world that we live in is a mirror of our attitude and expectations.” You’ve instilled a positive, can-do attitude in me that drives my hard work and diligence to meet and exceed my clients’ goals and expectations on their projects.

Everett family getting crazy at Christmas

Thank you to my sister, Leslie, and brother, Eric, for the infinite happy childhood memories and experiences that we shared to make me who I am today. As the baby of the family, you’ve both been instrumental in guiding me along the right path and supporting me in times of need. You and your families give me indescribable strength in life because you’re all the most important people in my life and I’d do anything to help you, and know that you’d do the same for me. Just as our father did, I want to create and share positive success stories that your kids can learn from and give them the opportunities in life that we’ve had.

Thank you to my first business mentor, Chuck Bartels, for giving me the opportunity to learn from you and your wonderful family. In my 22 years in the business world, I’ve worked for corporations, millionaires and even a billionaire, but your level of caring for your employees is unmatched by all others. While working for your Manpower franchise, you helped shape my business values to realize that investing in your employees and the community should be your priority as a business owner and you will be rewarded in the long run. Because of your leadership and examples, I’m not motivated by money, but rather by the reward of helping others become successful. Just as you did, I will reinvest business profits in others to make them stronger, happier, and provide support when needed. You were and still are a tremendous role model and mentor!

Thank you to my nephew Kurt for the countless hours that we’ve spent together talking about websites, coding, online marketing, cool tricks and software, web page layouts, and many more digital marketing topics. When you were in school for graphic design and coding, I was glad to share my knowledge to help you advance. Now that you’ve been in the field for many years, the student is teaching the teacher new tricks! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences to provide me with an additional perspective when I’m determining the best solutions for my clients. You’re a trusted peer now and no longer a student!

SOSD-Softball-2002 softball team in 2002

Thank you to all of my colleagues and bosses at my previous jobs! I wish I had the typing endurance to thank you each individually since you’ve each positively influenced my life. I’ve learned so many important lessons on teamwork and synergy during all my career positions but notably while at my technical jobs at CM Products, Manpower, the San Diego Chargers, The San Diego Union-Tribune (especially the former group), and Anderson Direct Marketing. I’ve been so fortunate to work with some of the most talented people on the planet, so thank you for helping me learn from you and our business adventures together.

Thank you to my lifetime of friends that I’ve ever had a drink with, played on a sports team together, watched sports and either cheered or suffered together (especially my Chargers friends and the Thomson/Cherry family), had lunch with at my favorite Chinese restaurant (La China), volunteered for the same cause (such as Classroom of the Future Foundation), lost money to at poker (too many people to mention), or traveled with on a road trip. Spending time with you has given me wonderful memories and inspires me to work hard at my new business and earn a comfortable living so we can have more laughs, drinks, and adventures together. Since you know my character the best, I would also appreciate if you would trust me with any referrals when a friend or family member needs assistance with their digital business challenges. I will give their projects the same care and attention that I provide to all of my clients. Thank you in advance for any referrals to help me grow my business!

Chargers tailgating family and friends

I know I’ve left out too many close friends in this message and I wish I had time to thank you all individually. I truly appreciate each one of you and how you’ve made me a better and happier person in life. You’re each the reason that I’m always smiling and never have a bad day. I don’t take you for granted and feel lucky to have so many great friends in life.

If you’ve made it this far in my first blog post, I hope you visit again as I share my stories and knowledge about the digital business world on my blog that I’ve called the “Digital-to-Dollars” Blog. From all of the knowledge that I’ve acquired while working for some great companies and helping their clients, I feel like a wizard at helping people optimize their websites, email campaigns, social media, and other digital marketing channels. Therefore, I’ll be using the keyword “OPWHIZ” for Optimization Whiz on my social networks. I’d love to have you join my community as a social media follower too! Come back soon for more details.

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